News Reporter Says Hello to Sunday Morning

The life of Channel 7 news reader Talitha Cummins went "from a train wreck to terrific" after she signed up to, the online health and sobriety program sponsored by the Harold Mitchell Foundation.

"I was a big drinker," Cummins recently told The Daily Telegraph. "Anyone who knows me, knows that. I drank to celebrate, I drank to commiserate, I drank because I had a busy day, a boring day, a holiday. For years, drinking was my hobby."

"But in the last four years it turned ugly. The first sip unleashed an unstoppable need for more and more. A binge could end six hours later, or it could end two days later. After every one, I was left with incredible feelings of self-hatred, guilt and riddled with anxiety."

The former Brisbane-based reporter who Cummins, who reads Sydney's 6pm news bulletin on Saturday, is now four months sober - and she says that many of her colleagues want to follow suit.

"My confidence is returning and my health is good. I can run 10km easily. I'm training for marathons ... Quite a few people inside and outside of the media have now signed up to do ( as well)."

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